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About Us

Sawubona is a data tech business building the most comprehensive secure consumer data insights ecosystem in South Africa, which solves our partners business problems at scale using consented consumer data. We leverage our data ecosystem for good. Sawubona works with our partners to identify opportunities which drive real value for their consumers.

South African consumers are resilient, but we find ourselves in uncertain times, with rising inflation, loadshedding, rising fuel costs, a depreciating currency, political uncertainty, and poor service delivery. There is opportunity for businesses to adapt and make smarter bets using data. We want to be a part of this story so that ultimately South Africa thrives.



Our Value Proposition


In this digital age it's never been more important for brands to understand their consumers. Consumers expect tailored products and services & they demand that their personal data remains protected. Brands that are harnessing the power of this data are winning.

Imagine you knew what everyone else knows about your customer

  • You only know what you know?
  • To fully understand your customer requires additional data points outside of your ecosystem.
  • If you could understand your consumers demographic, interest, and purchase behavioural data more could you more effectively design relevant products or adapt service delivery to drive value for your consumers and business.


Sawubona has a Data Exchange platform which is a secure data ecosystem. It enables businesses to build cross-industry data sharing capabilities where they can tap into 1st party datasets to rapidly update and enrich customer insight on their consented consumers on a 1 to 1 level. It allows partners to leverage aggregated consumer insights via our data tech tools to enhance relevant communication and targeted services. It also allows these partners to monetise their consumer insight and still protect their consumers personal information. Join our ecosystem and move your business forward with the right consumer insight.

Our Tools

1 to 1 Consumer Insight

  • Understand your consumer outside of your context.
  • There is an ability to extract first party consumer insight on your consumers to ensure that you drive value & personalize your offer.
  • You can select from existing insights or problem solve with our team to generate new insights available across the ecosystem which would step change your business.

Lead Ranking Solution

  • Get the right product in front of the right consumer.
  • Drive higher conversions in your outbound call centres & optimise your prospect data asset by understanding the right product to offer per prospect.
  • Access our lead ranking algorithm which scores a customer's propensity to purchase financial services products.

Consumer Profiling

  • Drive data driven marketing per customer segment.
  • Understand your customer profile per segment with various demographic, wealth, asset, and interest views on your consumers.
  • Understand if your customer profiles are changing alongside marketing investment & if your lead aggregator is attracting the right target segment per product.

Case Studies

What our clients have benefited from using our services

A Motor-Home Insurer

Increased client engagement by enriching their MH book with a vehicle warranty term trigger which allowed them to cross sell their motor warranty product more effectively. Their AB test resulted in a 3X engagement lift.

Unstructured Finance

Reduced cost of acquisition by enriching partners existing clients with a solvency indicator allowing them to upsell a new unstructured finance product. Conversion increased by 7% & significantly reduced the cost of acquisition with enhanced targeting.

Digital Media

Drove advertising sales by profiling their Digital Media audience using contact data. This enabled them to sell their inventory more effectively. Resulting in increased revenue by 2 basis points & R 3.2M in revenue in FY23.

Meet The Team

Mohit H Narotam

Managing Director

Tamaryn Shalom

Commercial Director

Trevor Bennet

Operations Director

George Palmer

IT and Cyber Security Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are not a leads business, we will only provide data insight on your consented customer base.

No, partners retain control over their data and govern its usage by electing members to sit on the Data Council which governs the ecosystem.

Personal data protection & data security is our number one investment.

We work on a Give to Get basis, to extract value from the ecosystem you must be willing to put value back into the ecosystem.

We work with our partners to ensure consumer consent is in place.

Contact Us

Contact Mohit or Tamaryn to discuss our
methodology and how we can assist you

Mohit H Narotam
082 561 8017

Tamaryn Shalom
083 308 5176

42 Wierda Road West,
Wierda Valley,
Sandton, Johannesburg 2196

We Love Data.
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Our team is fuelled with a curiosity for analytics and data-driven consumer insight that leads to increased loyalty and sales.

By understanding your individual customer, we open the door to personalised conversations with them at the right moment, with the right message, through the right channel.

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